You know what’s not OK? Our state government didn’t bother to read 400,000 emails from people asking for help with their unemployment insurance.

Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon revealed this terrible fact earlier this week. Harmon was right to call it what it is -- heartbreaking.

Governor Andy Beshear took responsibility for the failure, but his effort to spin it was almost comical. The governor said just because the state didn’t read 400,000 emails, it doesn’t necessarily mean 400,000 people were left in the lurch. Why? Well, some people may have sent multiple emails. That’s a pretty underwhelming explanation. Any way you slice it, hundreds of thousands of people took the time to ask for help. They were given the false hope that someone was on the other end of the request.

Governor Beshear should ensure that every message sent to the unemployment office is read and responded to in a timely manner … or, he should stop accepting help emails in the first place. How ‘bout we level with Kentuckians?

I understand the governor inherited an unemployment insurance system that was woefully unfit for this pandemic. But he must do whatever it takes to fix this problem.

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