Here’s a big shocker. When it comes to paying unemployment benefits on time, Kentucky is one of the worst-performing states.

Yes, the unemployment system was in bad shape before the pandemic. And, yes, an unprecedented number of Kentuckians, about 600,000, have filed for benefits during the pandemic.

But when people need help, Governor Beshear has offered nothing but excuses and blame-shifting.

The entire country has elevated unemployment. And not every state has paid $15 million to an accounting firm to help, as Kentucky did last year. The task assigned to that firm was to cut down on the backlog of pending unemployment claims, but the official number of those yet to see a dime remains stuck over 85,000.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Governor Beshear profusely apologized. He promised to get things straightened out.

But recently, the governor seems to have resigned himself to the problem.

Sure, he inherited a bad system. And Beshear is right to suggest a $50 million proposal to fix it in the state budget.

People are struggling and have waited months without reaching anyone to help with their claims. They don’t care which political party deserves blame.

They need their money. Governor, instead of excuses and blame, how about offering a solution?

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