Kentucky lawmakers have a lot to do this year, and not much time to do it. Our leaders in Frankfort cannot sit idle while a $2 billion industry goes under. I’m talking about historical horse racing. If you’ve ever been to Derby City Gaming, you’ve seen these machines. They look and feel like slots, and it’s a booming industry in our state.

Kentucky’s world-renowned horse racing circuit depends on this gaming revenue. But a recent court decision threatens to unravel it all. The court determined that these machines didn’t legally fall under the definition of parimutuel wagering. The good news is the court left pretty detailed instructions how to fix the situation. Legislators simply need to vote to change the law. We absolutely should have real casinos in Kentucky. But that is not how the current laws are written.

For too long, Kentuckians have been paying for roads and schools in Indiana and Ohio. Sports betting ought to be legalized, too. But let’s not go backwards and throw out the only form of gaming we do have. Sure, gambling is a tricky political issue in a conservative state. But leadership is about doing what’s right, not what’s easy. These laws must be changed or amended to protect our state’s signature industry.

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