Governor Andy Beshear has a new idea to get people back to work.

The average unemployment benefit in Kentucky is about $350 a week. Then, add the $300 supplement from the federal government. So, that equals $2,600 per month for staying home.

The governor wants to offer a $1,500 bonus and they have to work for the first month. This means it’s an $1,100 monthly haircut, that is not an incentive to go to work.

Erase the $300 and that would solve the problem. The problem is not that we aren’t paying people enough money to go to work -- t’s that we are paying them too much to stay home.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"Hey, Dale. I just want to say your math adds up perfect."

"Governor Beshear's proposals are a slap in the face to everybody that has showed up for work; Essential workers, first responders, and so forth. Including the teachers, bus drivers, and even the grocery store stockers should be eligible for a bonus that's been working all this time."

"The reason that people aren't going to work is 'cause they don't get paid enough."

"Every job is essential. Every working, law-abiding, US citizen is essential. No more bonuses. The job is the reward."

President, General Manager

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