This man is the exact size of a loophole in the Kentucky judicial system. You might remember his latest arrest. Cane Madden is accused of hitting an eight-year-old in the head with a shovel. He allegedly fractured her skull and raped her while she was unconscious. This case goes to court this week, but there is no reason to think it will end any differently than in the past. Madden’s case will most likely be dismissed.

Madden lacks the intellectual ability to understand his basic rights. Instead of trial he is sent to a Psychiatric center for evaluation. In thirty days state statute mandates his release.

The Kentucky legislators must fix this loophole and fix it now. Judges in other states have the right to detain defendants until they become competent. The last time this guy was in a psychiatric hospital he said he was going to rape the first female he came in contact with. Less than twenty-four hours after his release he allegedly kept his promise. Frankfort must strengthen these laws to close the loophole.

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