Every cloud has a silver lining. The coronavirus has inundated our lives for the past 3 weeks. Everyone would love to talk about something else, but we must remain engaged. COVID--19 is on everyone's mind. Instead of telling people to stop hoarding toilet paper let's make the good outshine the bad.

Like this ray of light, the Rainbow Blossom grocery store has started a policy that benefits us all. They are now reserving the first hour of store operation for those in the high-risk category. The elderly and people with elevated risk will be the first ones allowed in stores. This allows our parents and grandparents to get the supplies they need without having to fear battling long lines. Limiting exposure to a potentially deadly virus is a simple, yet, compassionate way we can help the vulnerable.

Other acts of kindness have also been noticed on social media. There are many among us that are volunteering their time and effort to pick up goods for the elderly. Every healthy person that finds themselves bored must follow suit. Think outside the box and find a way to help people that are less fortunate. Simple acts of kindness and community are a saving grace to those in need.

Call us or share on Facebook the generosity you see in our community. I’m Dale Woods and that’s my Point of View.

President, General Manager

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