Kentucky COVID-19 cases are down for 11 weeks in a row. The positivity rate is below 3 percent. And 1.3 million Kentuckians have been vaccinated. Indiana has seen similar reductions.

A few weeks ago, the governor of Alabama gave her state a ray of hope by announcing that the state’s mask mandate would last only one more month. Like Alabama, Indiana will also end its mask mandate next week.

Governor Beshear has a similar opportunity, to provide a certain date for the end of the mask mandate. In about a month, the world’s eyes will turn to Kentucky, as they do every year on Derby Day. What better day for Kentucky to turn a corner than the first Saturday in May?

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I definitely agree, Derby Day sounds like a wonderful idea to me."

"Don't wait for the Derby. Go ahead and just do it now. It's over. It's time to end this madness."

"I know people think everything's getting a lot better, which it is. But, I hope they don't try to rush it too fast and lose their masks because we've got a long ways to go yet. It's not over."

"Let's wait till we get to herd immunity."

"If you want to still wear a mask you can wear a mask, but it should no longer be a mandate that you have to. The COVID's going down. If it goes back up they can reintroduce the mask mandate. But, as for right now, they just need to get rid of it."

President, General Manager

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