We've heard city leaders talk about ways to stop senseless gun violence yet innocent people are still dying, and families are still grieving. 

One of them is Brandon Shirley's, he was an off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy who was ambushed and tragically gunned down last week, while working security for a local car dealership. 

His death follows 14 other people who were shot and killed in Louisville last month, and 39 others who were injured from gun violence. 

We need our judges to step up and enact harsher penalties to keep these criminals in jail. Otherwise, these offenders will go back on the street and recommit crimes.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Until these judges are accountable for what they are doing, it's not going to stop."

"Need to get Mayor Fischer out of there first 'cause all he's doing is, when they get caught, he just gives them a little smack on the hand and some ice cream and cake and says 'Okay, don't do it no more'."

"If you're 13 years old and older, and you commit a crime with a gun, you should be charged as an adult."

"Yes, for murder convictions there should be fifty flat years, eighty-five percent, no plea bargains, no deals, no reduced nothing."

"Yes, it's a problem with the system. It's a problem with the judges. It's a problem with the prosecutors. It's a problem with the lawyers. It's a problem with the whole damn system."

President, General Manager

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