We've heard city leaders talk about ways to stop senseless gun violence yet innocent people are still dying, and families are still grieving. 

One of them is Brandon Shirley's, he was an off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy who was ambushed and tragically gunned down last week, while working security for a local car dealership. 

His death follows 14 other people who were shot and killed in Louisville last month, and 39 others who were injured from gun violence. 

We need our judges to step up and enact harsher penalties to keep these criminals in jail. Otherwise, these offenders will go back on the street and recommit crimes.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"These criminals are not held accountable for their actions by the court system."

"Get rid of the judges. That would probably solve a lot of the problems."

"Put some money back into JCYC so these children know that when I get caught with a gun you don't take my gun away and send me home. That is the problem."

"Do away with probation and parole."

"Get a new police chief and you might get something done."

"My 16 year old son's killer who was 21 years old is 22 now, out on a $10,000 bond, for murder caught on camera. Help me make that make sense."

President, General Manager

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