Another Kentucky Derby is in the history books. Thankfully, it felt a lot more like the Derby we’re all accustomed to.

I want to congratulate the Kentucky Derby Festival, Churchill Downs, the city’s hotels and restauranteurs. They put on a great show amid trying circumstances.

Unfortunately, Louisville still did not put its best foot forward. On the one weekend a year when this city is in the national and international spotlight, visitors were still greeted with too much trash along the interstates and surface streets, too many patches of grass that needed mowed and too much graffiti.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"My heart was just broken every place I drove this past weekend, seeing what a mess it was."

"I've seen big items like sofas and mattresses. It looks terrible. The mayor needs to get somebody on this, right away."

"You wouldn't throw that out on your backyard, you'd put it in the garbage. Why throw it out your car window?"

"They need to use inmates to keep this town clean. We've got a lot of inmates we need to teach to work."

"They don't clean up the roads after Derby... ever. We pay taxes for nothing."

"We need to straighten out this city on bigger levels than what you're talking about."

"Look at this city. Look at this state. We can do better. Let's hope."

President, General Manager

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