Another Kentucky Derby is in the history books. Thankfully, it felt a lot more like the Derby we’re all accustomed to.

No, Churchill Downs was not packed to capacity, but thousands of fans showed up to cheer under gorgeous blue skies. No, hotels and restaurants were not busting at the seams, but many were busy, at least -- a lot busier than last year.

I want to congratulate the Kentucky Derby Festival, Churchill Downs and the city’s hotels and restauranteurs. They put on a great show amid trying circumstances.

Unfortunately, Louisville still did not put its best foot forward. On the one weekend a year when this city is in the national and international spotlight, visitors were still greeted with too much trash along the interstates and surface streets, too many patches of grass that needed mowed and too much graffiti.

Lets hope that by this time next year, we can get back to the Derby we know and love. Lets hope we can once again have thousands of people gathering on the waterfront to watch the best fireworks show in North America.

And finally, lets hope that the city can showcase itself with a little more pride.

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President, General Manager

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