Hundreds of people are living on the streets, and clearing out their homeless camp won't change that. 

The homeless camp near I-64 in downtown Louisville will be cleared out this week -- forcing people to find another place to live - likely another homeless camp.

This tactic isn't fixing the problem, it's just moving it. 

The city needs to provide people a place to eat, shower and clean their laundry.

If that's a shelter, then shelters need to give them incentives to stay instead of reasons to leave. 

More educational opportunities, and mental health and drug abuse programs are vital to helping homeless people find a place to live.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I totally agree. They need to figure out something instead of moving them around, and around, and around."

"There's 13 shelters around U of L hospital, I used to work there. In San Francisco, they put Port-A-Pottys where you could shower around the city. That's a good idea there."

"I was homeless at one time. You would not believe how many people draw a check each month, and they're still taking signs and trying to get money because they're stuck on drugs. Don't give them a dime."

"Most of these are not just homeless people, they're drug addicts. They've been offered jobs, they don't take them. They would rather stand on a corner with a cardboard sign and beg for money."

"Throw that piece of cardboard in the garbage, get out and get a job. Start making money." 

President, General Manager

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