The Louisville Metro three-one-one app was deployed last year to enable a more efficient way of improving the city. Unfortunately, the app is cumbersome. It requires users to enter too much information before reporting a problem. People want to make their area of town better, but they don't want to jump through hoops to do it. The mayor's office must make metro three-one-one easy to use. Right now, it stinks.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"The city should be trying to identify the smell, and the area, and not try to

glean information from the public. I'm hoping that 3-1-1 will truly work for everything."

"3-1-1 needs to be revamped so that the citizens of Louisville can report the things that need to be reported, without having to jump through hoops. They need to get on it."

"I adore Mayor Fischer, but that is one thing that he needs to get under control, and needs to improve. Thanks for spotlighting this on WDRB."

"The mayor is too busy doing other things."

"There are areas in the city that have been ignored for years. Can an app fix that, or can we finally do something about it?"

"If you're not on the Twitter feed, and all that, you can't get anything done in the city of Louisville... and it's disgusting."

President, General Manager

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