The pandemic is waning and lots of people are itching to travel once again. When you go to book a flight out of Louisville, you might be pleasantly surprised to see some new options.

Spirit Airlines is budget carrier. Breeze Airways is a startup. They’re offering nonstop flights to cities like Charleston, South Carolina, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

These new carriers are long overdue. An executive at Breeze Airways summed it up. When asked why they came into Louisville, he noted that our city just doesn’t have a lot of nonstop flights.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"You're absolutely right about the airlines that merged and raised ticket prices, and how they have the new airlines coming in and they're getting lower. I only live twenty minutes from Louisville Airways, and I've driven to Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, numerous times just to save money on a ticket. It's ridiculous how Louisville raises their prices just because they think you have to fly out of there."

"We need smaller airlines in there, and competition is good for the consumer, and I agree 110%. Louisville airport has a lot of room to grow. We don't have a lot of non-stop flights, and it is sorely needed at Muhammad Ali Airport."

"I totally agree that we do need more non- stop flights from Louisville, and have prices that are competitive. I know friends who drive to Indianapolis, Nashville, even Lexington ... because the prices are cheaper!"

President, General Manager

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