The pandemic is waning and lots of people are itching to travel once again. When you go to book a flight out of Louisville, you might be pleasantly surprised to see some new options.

Spirit Airlines is budget carrier. Breeze Airways is a startup. They’re offering nonstop flights to cities like Charleston, South Carolina, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

These new carriers are long overdue. In previous years, the federal government was asleep at the wheel while all the big airlines kept merging with each other. They cut back service, raising prices and reducing choices.

An executive at Breeze Airways summed it up. When asked why they came into Louisville, he noted that our city just doesn’t have a lot of nonstop flights.

That’s why getting anywhere seems to require serving your time in the overcrowded terminals of Atlanta. If a family of four flies, and it’s $100 cheaper per ticket in Cincinnati, our city will lose that business, every time.

I want to applaud the folks at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport for bringing some new options to town. But the truth is, we still need even more.

When businesses compete, there’s always a winner – the consumer.

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