Louisville is experiencing an alarming surge in violent crime. We just experienced the deadliest 4-month stretch in the city’s history. Last month marked the 15th straight month of double-digit homicides.

At a time when police are needed more than ever, LMPD is hemorrhaging officers. As of last week, the department was 255 officers short of its maximum force. This shortage has exploded, more than doubling in only a couple of years.

I don’t sign up to the foolish fantasy of ‘defund the police.’ We need police. Yes, cops should be accountable for their actions.

We just learned the Biden Justice Department is swooping into Louisville to examine LMPD’s civil rights record. That’s all well and good, but is anyone examining the impact of not having enough police officers on the streets? Or the reasons why Louisville cops are leaving in droves?

Just last week, a 6-year-old was injured in senseless drive-by shooting. Can you imagine the trauma all this violence has on our young people?

The people committing these crimes will not stop until someone stops them. And you know who stops them? The police.

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