Pro-life groups have sued the city of Louisville over a new law that, they say, infringes on their right to protest outside the abortion clinic downtown. 

The Metro Council passed the ordinance last month. It creates a 10-foot, buffer zone … where you can’t stand and protest. 

The pro-choice Democrats on the council say protesters often shame, taunt and harass women on their way into the clinic. For the pro-life groups, this is about their constitutional right to speak their minds in a public place. 

If you ask me, this situation all comes down to respect for each other. 

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I just want to say 'Right on, Dale' about everybody has their own opinion."

"Sometimes the protestors don't respect the rights, and laws, of the other individual. So, I believe that law should stand."

"I have actually talked to some people standing outside the abortion clinic while they were saying rosaries and ... tried to get them to understand, in a very polite way, that it's not really their business what other people do with their own bodies."

"If someone can be shamed, simply by something someone else says, perhaps they shouldn't be doing it."

"Does the written law enforce a moral law? May God help us all."

President, General Manager

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