In the blink of an eye, Louisville streets are turning into a scene from "Fast & Furious."

Earlier this month, several people called 911 about some 300 drivers who were speeding, blocking intersections, doing donuts, burnouts and wheelies. Despite that, only one person was arrested.

There is a street racing ordinance in place, which allows police to arrest first time offenders, fine them $1,000 and impound their car for up to six months. I applaud this new ordinance to discourage this dangerous behavior on our streets.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

“I think these speed racers causing danger, I think they should lose their license for up to one year.”

“When I was a kid, you got caught drag racing, they’d take your driver's license, impound your car. You pay a big fine, you get it back.”

“I'm blaming it on the Street Outlaws, because they got a reality show that shows them

breaking the law and drag racing down public streets.”

“The word is out about Louisville. Do what you want, there's no repercussions here. It's free reign.”

“They need to quit before somebody ends up getting killed.”

“I should think, since they've gone through puberty, that it would be okay to give them a paddling and send them to stand in the corner.”

President, General Manager

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