In the blink of an eye, Louisville streets are turning into a scene from "Fast & Furious."

Earlier this month, several people called 911 about some 300 drivers who were speeding, blocking intersections, doing donuts, burnouts and wheelies. Despite that, only one person was arrested.

There is a street racing ordinance in place, which allows police to arrest first time offenders, fine them $1,000 and impound their car for up to six months. I applaud this new ordinance to discourage this dangerous behavior on our streets.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"First offenders, a $1,000 fine. Their car impounded for six months. What about some jail time?"

"Judges in Louisville will not enforce it. I guarantee you there will never be $1,000 fine issued, or somebody's car held up for six months."

"They have a safe place to race, it’s called Ohio Valley Raceway in Valley Station."

"They've got a good place for these street racers, and it's called jail downtown. Confiscate the car, turn them into their insurance companies and they'll stop all this."

"The city's gone crazy. I mean, it's ridiculous. People speeding in the streets, but they don't get arrested. They can get away with anything. Who wants to go downtown? Not me."

President, General Manager

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