For too many young people in our community, the most recent school year was essentially a lost cause. The pandemic had a devastating impact. Online school simply isn’t as effective as the real thing -- not to mention all the benefits kids get from socializing with others their age.

As students get ready to head back to the classroom this school year, the school board dropped a bombshell - saying all teachers and students must wear masks indoors, even if you've been vaccinated.

I know this disappoints some people. We thought masks were a thing of the past. But the Delta variant is a real concern.

Everyone needs to remember the overarching goal. That is, JCPS must do everything possible to avoid closing schools once again. Parents’ work schedules would be thrown into chaos, kids will fall even further behind, and some will fall through the cracks entirely.

If wearing a mask increases the odds of keeping schools open, then it’s a small price to pay.

What’s more, the district has given families the option of choosing virtual school. Those who are upset about masks should consider staying home altogether until the mandate is lifted.

A classroom with masks is better than no classroom at all.

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