Louisville faces many problems. But when you ask Mayor Fischer about them, notice his tried-and-true method of deflection.

Let’s start with the epidemic of violent crime we’re experiencing this year. Ask the mayor about the soaring homicide rate, and one of the first things he’ll say is that many cities are seeing an uptick in violence. In other words, Louisville isn’t unique.

What about the scourge of homelessness? Well, the mayor’s office says this is, quote, a multifaceted issue being faced by major cities across the nation.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of negatives in other cities, let's focus on the things we can change, and embrace the positive.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Nailed it! All he ever does is divert from the problem."

"Anybody who's in a high public office cannot say yes, they cannot say no. They can only show an example of somebody else. It's called being a professional politician."

"If you lower the bar low enough that you never have to trip over it, everything is just fine."

"I have never understood why the people of this town keep re-electing Fischer."

"You are bashing our city officials."

"It's party line, party line, party line. We need a change."

"The city needs new leadership."

President, General Manager

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