Safe places in Louisville are now crime scenes. Like a JCPS bus stop where a child was shot and killed last week, or the Watterson Expressway where a man’s life ended the same way. 

2021 will likely be the deadliest year in our city's history following a grim milestone this month.

Mayor Greg Fisher took office 11 years ago and this month - September of 2021, we just surpassed 1,000 homicides under his leadership as mayor.

When will our city be safer, so we can thrive instead of simply trying to survive? 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"I voted for Fischer twice. If he was able to run a third term, I would not vote for him again because he has literally turned our city into a war zone. He needs to be impeached ASAP."

"Mayor Fischer is not the cause of the high crime and the murder rate in the city of Louisville. It's everyone's fault."

"It's easy to blame a politician. What you need to look at is the politician's beliefs and his party."

"If the people in this city are going to continue to elect inept leaders, problems that this city has will never be resolved.”

"Sometimes you have to stand up for what's right. Faith is where it's at. Not fear."

President, General Manager

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