It seems like every day we turn on the news and hear about another person who was tragically shot and killed in Louisville.  From a child at a JCPS bus stop, to a man driving on the Watterson Expressway - gunned down in broad daylight.  As the days add up, so do the number of people killed. 

Mayor Fischer has led our city for 11 years now and this month marked a grim milestone - more than 1,000 homicides in Louisville since he took office. Let me say that again, 1,000 homicides in Louisville under Mayor Fischer’s leadership.

Regardless of what people think about the Mayor, more people have clearly supported him, since he's been reelected twice in the last decade with another year left on his term.

Right now, we are on pace to break last year’s record number of homicides. 2021 will likely become the deadliest year in our city's history.

It's easy for all of us in the general public to demand action, but if our elected leaders don't deliver results, then Louisville will continue to suffer  instead of thriving. 

We need more. We need better, and we need it now.

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President, General Manager

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