The Kentucky State fair turned into a circus over the weekend. People were arrested after they used a noise maker, which sounded like gunshots - and left people scrambling for safety.

I have to commend the Kentucky State Police for handling the situation quickly and apprehending the offenders. Things could've ended a lot worse because police did find a gun with one of the fairgoers.

For this reason, metal detectors should be mandatory at the fair. Many other large events in Louisville use them, so why not provide the extra security for guests?

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"It's a shame you can't go anywhere, including the State Fair, and feel safe anymore."

"Metal detectors would be a good idea at the State Fair. But let's face it, our city is not safe no matter where we go. Shooting everywhere, killing every day. There’s just no safe place in our city."

"If we want to see change, we can't keep voting the same people in who's not going to make change. Vote some other people in."

"Very concerning to me as to why we would put metal detectors in the Kentucky State Fair when we can't get them in our own JCPS school buildings."

"No more of these gates checking people. We have enough at the airport."

"They don't need metal detectors. They need noisemaker detectors."

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