By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the video of people running for their lives after what sounded like gunshots at the Kentucky State Fair. People were arrested Saturday evening after they apparently used some type of a noise-making device that mimicked gunfire. As you can imagine, it turned into a circus with people scrambling for safety.

I have to commend the Kentucky State Police, because they got the situation under control quickly.

They promptly made arrests and closed the fair early. They also found a gun and charged that individual with possessing a handgun. I'm glad no one was hurt - and that shots weren't fired - but it baffles me in today's world someone can carry a handgun into a crowd of thousands.

I know metal detectors are a huge inconvenience, but other major events in Louisville have them, and I think the Kentucky State Fair should consider them in future years. It brings a sense of security to guests, especially after several months of record-breaking homicides in Louisville.

I know it’s not the final answer to a much more complex societal issue, but putting up a safety barrier between those who mean well and those who don’t should be the standard when innocent lives are on the line.

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