There's a public safety crisis going on in Louisville. LMPD has seized more than 4,000 guns off the city streets the past two years. That's a huge feat considering they're short staffed, down about 300 officers. The effort is great but overlooked when LMPD hands those guns over to Kentucky State Police. And, by state law, they're able to sell them at auction. 

Many times, those same guns end up back with dangerous criminals, and the deadly life cycle of a gun continues. State law needs to change. Either destroy the guns or use them to keep our city safer.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"That is not one of the places the criminals buy the guns."

"They have to pass a background check. It's the truth."

"Very few are actually back on the street committing crimes."

"Criminals buy from other criminals who have stolen guns. They don't buy from this auction."

"They can always go somewhere and buy a hot gun from somebody."

"It's not the guns that’s the problem, it’s the people."

"I think our law enforcement officers are doing an awesome job and they need to take all those guns and just melt them down and get rid of them."

"If you take the guns, and not sell them, you're defunding the police."



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