As I watched the protests, my fear was we would see a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. The important numbers are ones we rarely talk about, the hospitalization rates. Recently, I reached out to the local hospitals to understand their current situations. They shared with me in the month of June very few people are being admitted to Louisville hospitals for COVID-19.  Some days no one is. Reviewing hospitalization rates seems to tell a much more accurate story. We must continue to learn and adapt. We must use hospitalization rates as the new benchmark to assess progress. We must continue to live our lives. If situations make us uncomfortable, we must choose whether to participate or not.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"You're absolutely right, Mr. Woods. Common sense assessments, that's what we need in this community, and apparently we've not been getting that from the people who are supposed to be our leaders. From the mayor all the way up to the governor of Kentucky. …It's high time they started acting like adults instead of acting like we're all little bitty children."

"I think I'm gonna go with the CDC instead of someone who don't have a PhD."

"I'm curious about why they're not giving out negative results of all the people that are being tested. All we get to hear about is the positive cases and the deaths."

President, General Manager

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