As I watched the protests, my fear was we would see a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. The important numbers are ones we rarely talk about: the hospitalization rates. The original fear was COVID-19 would overtake the healthcare system. Hospitals were going to run out of available beds. There were an additional 2,000 beds set up at the fairgrounds in case they surpassed capacity. Recently, I reached out to the local hospitals to understand their current situations.

They shared with me in the month of June very few people are being admitted to the hospitals for COVID-19. Some days no one is. Reviewing hospitalization rates seems to tell a much more accurate story. Thus far, there has been no huge spike in Louisville COVID-19 cases due to outdoor gatherings.

In the beginning, we knew nothing about this disease. There was no choice but to take all suggested precautions. We have learned through attrition the virus doesn’t spread as easily in outdoor settings. We must continue to learn and adapt. We must use hospitalization rates as the new benchmark to assess progress. We must continue to live our lives. If situations make us uncomfortable, we must choose whether to participate or not.

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