The shot clock is winding down. Starting November 1, JCPS students must test *negative for COVID-19 before they can play any sport, or participate in extracurricular activities. The district is calling this a "test-to play"-program, and I think it's a great idea.

Anything we can do to keep our kids safe and healthy and keep them in school and engaged, should be worth the effort. This should also give parents peace of mind knowing whoever is competing against their child has tested negative for COVID-19. 

I think this is a win-win for everyone involved. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"I totally agree with Dale about the kids being tested."

"I would never participate in weekly testing in order to play sports or extra-curricular activities. It's ridiculous, there's no reason for weekly testing. If anybody's had that test done it hurts, and it is unnecessary. Enough is enough."

"I disagree. I think that if your child has had their shots, and some of them have, they shouldn't have to go through that weekly jamming of the sinuses with a Q-tip. I think it's just another case where Jefferson County School Board, and the superintendent, are being big bullies, and I wouldn't let my child do it."

"We need to quit testing because it's not even accurate."

President, General Manager

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