Thousands of broken down vehicles are lining Louisville streets, and the LMPD impound lot is bursting at the seams with even more.  Finding a new location for another lot, or this amnesty idea that's being thrown around, simply won't work.

We need to sell the vehicles either to an auction or to companies that can use parts for repairs. Louisville is holding thousands of parts prisoner while cars just sit in the lot, and people pay an arm and a leg on repairs.

There's an easy solution. Let's sell the broken down vehicles, and help our community in the process.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Here's to the best idea I've heard in a long time. Don't hee haw around, just get it done."

"Years ago, that used to be the way that things were done. Why is it a problem now?"

"Sell them for scrap."

"I'm all for selling the cars. It makes more sense than anything else."

"Buy a car shredder, just shred them up. Get rid of them."

"I vote for you to be on the Metro Council Board, general manager. You have a great idea."

"If you're looking for car parts, just go up to any of these intersections and find all the parts that you need. They just leave them laying on the side."

"You got all that junk laying there, junk it! Get rid of it! Take it to the junkyard!"

President, General Manager

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