It's nearly impossible to drive through Louisville without seeing a broken down car sitting on the side of the road. Thousands of them are scattered throughout the city with nearly 2,000 more pouring out of the LMPD impound lot itself. 

It's an eye sore and a safety problem on our city streets and interstates. The current policy is a mess.

No wonder people aren't picking up their broken down vehicles. You'd be broke just trying to pay to get your car back with the current recovery cost structure.  Other alternatives like finding a new location for another lot, or this amnesty idea that's being thrown around, won't work either.  

We need to mimic a solution that we know is working like what's being done in Indianapolis. They have an auction every week and sell between 150 to 200 vehicles. 

Lets do that or sell vehicles to companies that can use the parts for repairs. It's so expensive to pay for repairs now, and it doesn't help that our city is holding these parts prisoner at the lot. 

Instead of these expensive and complicated ideas, let's sell the cars that are already there and help a lot of people in the process.

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President, General Manager

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