From pain at the pump to now torture at the tolls. Get ready to pay even more money to cross the bridges between Kentucky and Indiana.

If you have plans to hit the road this summer, this is just another blow to your bank account. RiverLink announced an 8.3% increase on tolls come July 1. That marks the highest price increase since tolling began in 2016, and the timing couldn't be worse as gas tops $5 a gallon.

Most families would normally be packing for summer vacations right about now, but I have a feeling that's at a standstill for many. It's simply too expensive to buy gas, and now, the added fees to travel out of town make it even more difficult. Our bridges are supposed to connect us — everyone in Kentucky and Indiana — but this gigantic price hike on tolls will only further divide us. 

Come July 1, drivers with a standard passenger vehicle will have to pay nearly $5 to drive back and forth across any of the tolling bridges. A semi truck? Nearly $30 for a round trip. This is a huge win for RiverLink but a disaster for all drivers. I'll tell ya what: At this rate, crews can't fix the Sherman Minton fast enough.

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