NCAA basketballs

An NCAA enforcement official has been in Louisville during the past week interviewing individuals on matters related to the school's recruitment of Brian Bowen in 2017.

You’ve heard the argument for years about paying college athletes just like the pros. Now California is taking steps to allow college players to be paid starting in 2023.

If you ask me this is one of the worst ideas for student athletes. Colleges would have to sharpen the already blurry line between endorsements and bribes for joining teams. The biggest problem is how money would drive a wedge through the fabric of almost every team that is expected to give equal participation. Some players will be compensated but others will be expected to do the hard work without any money.

If your sport isn’t football or basketball I would imagine your compensation would be zero. Let's keep the money out of college sports and focus on the success of student athletes who love the game.

I’m Dale Woods, and that’s my Point of View.