Many have taken to reading during isolation. The pages I see have been about total cases, death rates, and recovery. Nearly four percent of those tested positive in the United States have died, but Louisville doubles that ratio. You can’t know how a story ends by only reading the first chapter. Mayor Fischer has done a great job of putting the city on lockdown, but we must know who has this disease in order to stop it. Louisville must demand more free testing sites for our story to have a happy ending.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"With the lack of testing, we're never going to know how many people in your neighborhood has it. We need more testing, and we need more testing now."

"I live in the West End of Louisville, and people are running around here like nothing's going on."

"You've got people (that) keep talking about distancing, and nobody's paying attention to any of that because people are still gathering around each other. We're never going to get over this."

"(If) everyone takes care of their own situation in their own homes, we will be back to a normal city again. We can do this, with God's help."

"If the mayor and the governor would fight half as hard for free testing as they do to keep Christians out of church on Sunday, the world would be a better place."

President, General Manager

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