Many have taken to reading during isolation. The pages I see have been about total cases, new cases, death rates, and recovery. Nearly four percent of those tested positive in the United States have died. That is an alarming rate, but there’s one place that doubles that figure. That’s right, Louisville. Louisville has a near eight percent death rate. That’s higher than hotspot cities of New York, New Orleans and Detroit. But you can’t know how the story ends by only reading the first chapter.

In Louisville, one in 12 confirmed coronavirus patients have died. This is because so few people have been tested. Mayor Fischer has done a great job of putting the city on lockdown. He has preached physical distancing so hard that it looks like people are even staying away from his beloved bike lanes. Remember what Mark Twain wrote, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Louisville must have free drive through testing. Businesses and citizens both must demand more testing sites. The only way to flatten the curve permanently is to know who does and doesn’t have this virus. We all want this book to finish with a happy ending.

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