Taxes are supposed to help the community, not hurt it. Some JCPS board members are talking about substantially increasing the tax rate, which would require a public vote. Meanwhile, the city is staring at a potential recession with thousands of people recently filing for unemployment. Now is not the time. The JCPS board must let the pandemic dust settle before it tries to dig deep into the voter’s pockets. The board must wait on the large tax hike and do what it can to maximize a vote-free increase. 

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I don't think that the school board should have any say so over tax increase at all. I'm a retired man living on social security, own a home, but my rates keep on going up, I don't think it's right for them to even call for a raise."

"While the buses are sitting, and all the gas is not being used for busing children all over the county, there should be a surplus in the transportation fund."

"I say JCPS needs to have some fiscal responsibility!"

"Homeowners are already paying too much school tax. They [JCPS] need to cut the fat from their own budget."

"This not only affects homeowners, but car taxes, property taxes on other things. Just because you don't own a house doesn't mean that you won't be taxed."

"After so many have lost their jobs, this is not a time to raise taxes."

President, General Manager

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