Taxes are supposed to help the community, not hurt it. The Jefferson County Public School board is looking at a proposal to further tax homeowners. Some board members are talking about raising the rate over 4%. If the increase crosses that threshold, it could require a public vote. The school board needs to seriously think about the consequences of its actions.

Board members must have been in isolation too long or not have televisions. The city is staring at a potential recession. Thousands have filed for unemployment because of COVID-19. One third of the workforce is out of work. Citizens are already uncertain about their bank accounts, and the board thinks now is the time for a large tax hike.

The JCPS board must let the pandemic dust settle before it decides to dig deeper into the voters' pockets. A referendum like this won’t pass every year and being struck down at the ballot box would be a worst-case scenario. Providing the best for education involves picking the right time to act. Now is not the time. The JCPS board must wait on a vote requiring tax hike. It must find a way to maximize a vote-free 4% increase.

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President, General Manager

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