Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has repeatedly said he won't reopen the state's economy until the number of new cases go down for 14 consecutive days. Odds would be better going to Vegas, playing roulette, betting on red and thinking it will hit 14 times in a row.  If the number of new cases dwindle and there is a slight uptick, we shouldn’t hit the reset button. If healthy employees want to return to work, they must have that right. Governor Beshear needs to adopt a new set of benchmarks and stop forcing Kentuckians to sit on their hands.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"We need to open up the city, people are suffering. We need to get back to work." 

"I believe you're wrong, and Governor Beshear is right because you can't take any chances this time. There's too many people involved, and there are too many things that could go wrong."

"People need to take responsibility for their selves. If you have illnesses then stay home, but please let everyone else get out, and let's resume life and let the small businesses get open."

"Governor "Nanny" Andy is going to wreck the economy and Kentucky. He needs to let people go back to work across the board, immediately, and still enforce social distancing, but put Kentucky back to work."

President, General Manager

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