The coronavirus has turned into a numbers game. We want to know how many people have it, have died from it, and the numbers recovered. We allow ourselves to become detached from humanity. We have forgotten these numbers represent actual people. The next person affected could be our family, friends, or neighbors. How will you grieve if you don't get to say goodbye? We are all in this together and every life matters.

Here's what WDRB viewers had to say: 

"There have been many, many people here in the U.S. that have had this coronavirus and have not been tested for it. So our numbers are dramatically, dramatically off."

"I think we need to avoid a myopic view in which we ignore the effect on our economy. If we allow this to go on long enough that it guts our economy, we're going to have another disaster to deal with."

"Woods, I agree with you. We look at these charts and graphs and it sort of disorients you and de-personalizes what’s going on around us."

"I always have been extremely skeptical of this whole thing, the seriousness of this. I think the numbers are worse than they what they really are."

"Unfortunately President Trump doesn’t believe that these numbers do matter or reflect human life. The only numbers he worries about are the Nielsen ratings."

President, General Manager

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