It’s all a numbers game. How many people have this virus? How many have died, recovered or even been tested? We listen to the numbers and watch the charts. Some even mentally construct plans to flatten the curve. We get caught up in the numbers associated with COVID-19 and detach it from humanity.

This is not a board game or a movie where the consequences don’t matter. This disease infects actual people. They could be our family, friends, or neighbors. The coronavirus might disproportionately affect the elderly and those in bad health, but it will have a much larger effect. If you think this virus won’t touch your life, you are wrong. The next patient could be your best friend? The law of averages says we can count on knowing someone that will get sick or die from this disease.

People need social interaction. A visit from a friend can raise spirits and propel the sick towards recovery. With COVID-19, those visits are never going to happen. Think about how you would handle the grieving process if you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. We must remember the numbers being announced, represent human lives. We are all in this together, and every life matters!

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President, General Manager

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