We are at war against COVID-19. You can tell your foe by how they dress. Wearing face coverings should make you proud because they prevent the spread of personal air molecules. You wear them to protect the people around you. Those who don’t might think they are tough, but they are prolonging the effects of this disease. I’m not advocating for fines or for masks to become law, but we must prevent a second wave. We must choose to mask in public and stand up against those who don’t.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I see people all the time, all over the city, and they're all bunched up together and half of them are not wearing face masks, and all they do is hurt  everyone. Please stop."

"Just remember to always be kind. Just because someone doesn't have a face mask on doesn't mean that you get to harass them, or threaten them."

"If you don't want us to come in your establishment without a mask, add that to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, No Service."

"It should be up to the individual. We know what we are supposed to do, we are grown adults. I appreciate what you said, but we're all not idiots. We all look out for each other. But you don't have to wear a mask everywhere."

"If they're tired of being at home, then wear the mask, and help us get rid of this terrible disease."

President, General Manager

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