We are at war against COVID-19. As in any war, you can tell your foe by how they dress. The uniform of a coronavirus soldier is a face mask. To protect ourselves, we must treat the unmasked as our enemy. If we want the quarantine to end and life to return to normal, we must proudly wear our uniform.

In public, many are not adhering to the dress code. They might think they are tough and can avoid this virus, but they are prolonging our time in this battle. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of personal air molecules. Those who use face coverings are fighting for everyone around them. Don’t let stubbornness or vanity prevent you from joining the winning team.

Louisville is strongly suggesting masks while other U.S. cities are mandating them. San Francisco, New York, and Houston all require face coverings, some punishable by a $1,000 fee. I’m not advocating for fines or for this to become law. The police have enough to do without having to babysit the stupid. The time for ignorance is over. We must prevent a second wave. We must wear mask in public and stand up against those who don’t.

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President, General Manager

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