Life seldom goes fully as planned. This week is 50 years since Apollo 13’s safe return. Companies, people, and entities either set themselves up for failure or success. Resilient organizations plan for best, worst and in between scenarios. Companies need to prepare for reentry.

Our country now embarks on a new mission to restart the workforce. States are starting to ease restrictions. Decisions must be made for the best interest of everyone. A robust economy will not help, if we succumb to this disease. On the other hand, letting commerce fall into a black hole could be catastrophic for our GDP. We must put politics aside.

If you own, manage, or work for a company, Covid-19 has given you a time to shine. We have an issue to solve. It’s time to get workers back to work. Not all problems require a rocket scientist. Barber shops and beauty salons can certainly open, if they expand their hours and reduce chairs. Restaurants can space out tables to minimize interaction. All stores need to limit their capacity. Let’s post the “We are open” signs and guide this shuttle of an economy, safely back to Earth.

Call us or share on Facebook how you would like reentry to look. I’m Dale Woods, and that’s my Point of View.

President, General Manager

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