We are in the middle of an international crisis, just days after U.S. troops were ordered to leave Afghanistan, the Taliban takeover has already begun. 

A 20 year war on terror, and it seems like we are right back where we started, except thousands of people died in the process.  

I am deeply disappointed for the men and women of our military who paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting to keep us safe, and lost their lives in the process.  

I'm left wondering where we go from here, as a clear path in any direction seems impossible.  

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"A clear path from here will be

impossible with the current


"I like the president and I think he did the right thing."

"He bungled the whole operation."

"He pulled the military out and then left thousands of people stranded. Not only that, they got billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment."

"We're just the laughing stock of the world now. Biden needs to go, that's for certain."

"Twenty years in any place is long enough. Bring our troops on back home."

"Stop sending our youth to fight everybody else's war."

"All you that served did your duty and did not make this terrible mistake. God bless you."

"Impeach Biden. He can't lead a Boy Scout troop. Impeach him!"

President, General Manager

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