Robert Frost told us the road less traveled makes all the difference. A literal interpretation applies quite well. Louisville has taken advantage of barren thoroughfares by stripping, paving, and repainting roads. The Sherman Minton Renewal Project was slated to begin in 2021, but it needs to be pushed forward. Indiana should follow Kentucky's lead. Traffic is drastically reduced. The Indiana Transportation Commission must take advantage of this unique situation and start work on the Sherman Minton.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

Nicole Merriweather: Fix the bridge now, and yes. Thank you. [The] Louisville streets look amazing.

Jessica Mudd Mattingly: This would be a nice time for the work to happen because of the reduced impact on commuters but people need to stay at home. More people working leads to more people interacting. This is a serious situation and people need to be addressing it that way, and stay home.

Jackson Hjackson: … I agree with you totally, as far as Indiana getting on board. Getting the bridge painted now is the perfect time.

Bob Abell: How do you plan to do that without the road workers interacting?

President, General Manager

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