Robert Frost told us taking the road less traveled makes all the difference. If you haven’t been downtown in the last couple of weeks, you are in for a huge surprise. Employment has changed; people are working from home. Those who still drive to their job notice much easier rides. Yes, the congestion is less, but I’m literally referring to the condition of the roads.

The city of Louisville has taken advantage of barren thoroughfares. Downtown roads have been stripped, paved, and repainted. The roller coaster rides of driving downtown have ended. Instead of worrying about navigating the potholes, I had a chance to think. Indiana had a huge problem determining when to repair the Sherman Minton Bridge. Insert coronavirus, and the problem can be solved.

Fix the bridge now! The Sherman Minton Renewal was already slated to begin in 2021. Concerns about affecting too many commuters can be thrown out the window. Forget chatter about keeping multiple lanes open. Currently is the best time to start working. Kentucky has taken big steps during this time of diminished traffic; Indiana should follow its lead. The Indiana Transportation Commission must take advantage of this unique situation and start work on the Sherman Minton renewal project!

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