You’re not supposed to kick someone when they are down. The NCAA has released new findings from their investigation into the U of L basketball program. It is targeting Louisville for violations committed by people who are no longer at the school. The university did employ people who allegedly broke the rules, but they already dismissed those participants. The NCAA must choose between letting U of L move forward or act as a bully that picks on the innocent. 

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

Brad Parnell: Spot on. The message appears to be: “Stand up to us and we will leave you alone. Do as we say and we'll make sure to add to your sorrow.” I really wish schools would break away and start a new organization.

Lee Stewart: I’m an avid UK fan… but I’m also a basketball fan. U of L has lost its banner, guilty coaches and AD. I get it's their own doing but at this point you are penalizing people who had zero to do with all that.

Dan DeWilde: Kansas was bullied by the NCAA in 1988 despite Larry Brown no longer being with the program. UK was bullied in 1989 despite the fact that the people involved with the infraction(s) were no longer with the university.

Sharon Jackson Orr: I love our president is standing up for us. Time for the innocent to quit paying the price. NCAA needs to do the right thing for a change.

Jimmy Jaggers: Stop being so crooked and they might leave you alone!

President, General Manager

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