Gun in car console.jpg

It’s been a deadly year in Louisville as the number of homicides climb. This summer, a pretty scary trend has emerged that could be prevented.

Louisville Metro Police announced that guns are being stolen out of cars. What I can’t believe is that most of the cars were unlocked. This isn’t happening in one neighborhood, but all across the city and suburbs. We can’t afford to have guns stolen because many weapons could be used in a violent crime.

First of all, guns don’t belong in cars unless you are transporting them for hunting or going to target practice. Yes, I know about the Second Amendment, but we need to be smarter about protecting property.

Second, lock your doors. In this day and age, not only should you lock your car at night, you need to keep your car locked at all times.

Everyone needs to take steps to keep stolen guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

I’m Barry Fulmer and that’s my Point of View.