Barry Fulmer - Vice President & News Director

Kentuckiana came very close to having a big medical problem on its hands. A few weeks ago, Jewish Hospital was on the verge of shutting its doors. This would have threatened the health and well-being of our community. It would take away valuable medical resources and talented doctors and medical professionals. It would have cost our community hundreds of jobs.

One person in particular stepped in to rally and make changes. I’m talking about U of L President Dr. Neeli Bendapudi. Dr. Bendapudi is the leader of a university. She didn’t have to get involved, but she saw a need that had to be fixed and decided to take action.

Behind the scenes, there were many people involved on this project from U of L and state government, but it was Dr. Bendapudi who pulled everything together. Even our governor acknowledged her leadership to save jobs, patient care and more. I want to congratulate Dr. Bendapudi for emerging as an effective leader who is thinking beyond the boundaries of her job.

A successful university is an important part of Louisville, but it gets even better with strong leadership.

I’m Barry Fulmer, and that’s my Point of View