POV | Bill Lamb

By: Bill Lamb

WDRB President and General Manager

I often agree with what Gov. Bevin wants to do, yet seldom agree with how he does it. I agree that without serious revision, Kentucky's public employee pension system is a ticking time bomb that could cripple our economy.

However, the governor has only himself to blame for the fact that his slapdash reform legislation was overturned in June by the Franklin Circuit Court.

Kentucky's constitution requires that proposed bills get three readings in each chamber before being voted upon. But since Bevin and his legislative allies waited around until the last possible minute to sneak their heavily-revised bill through without debate, few of our lawmakers had the opportunity to read it even once.

It also turns out that the 49 "yes" votes the bill received in the state House was actually two fewer than was required for passage. Kind of important, I'd say.

It shouldn't be that hard for seasoned lawmakers to understand these most simple of rules. But in this case, it apparently was. And now we all suffer.

Bevin appealed the ruling last week, but I doubt the state's Supreme Court will see things any differently. So it's back to square one again on one of this commonwealth's most critical issues.

Real, responsible pension reform is still what this state desperately needs. Maybe our governor will do his homework next time.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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